Ammonia storage and vaporisation system arrives at TEP

Ammogen’s bespoke ammonia storage and vaporisation system has arrived at Tyseley Energy Park

The Ammogen consortium have reached another project milestone with the arrival of their bespoke ammonia storage and vaporisation system.

The system consists of two units, a vaporisation system and an ammonia drum decant that will convert seven tonnes of ammonia into fuel cell quality hydrogen for downstream utilisation.

The ammonia vaporiser has a carbon steel storage vessel that stores and separates liquid and vapour ammonia before feeding to the cracking process. The vessel also collects and removes the water present in ammonia.

The second unit has three ammonia supply valve stations for positioning 530kg drums of ammonia. The framework includes load cells to measure the mass of the drum and ammonia as it is transferred to the storage vessel. Each ammonia drum has an individual heater-mounted duct to circulate warm air over the drum to pressure the gas and transfer it to the ammonia storage vessel.

The project remains on track to be commissioned by January 2024, at which point this world-leading facility will create up to 200kg of transport grade hydrogen per day.

Stakeholders interested in touring the facility and finding out more about the consortium’s ambitions can register to attend our next dissemination event scheduled for 9:30am on 30 November 2023. Register your interest to attend via our contact form now.

Watch the arrival of the bespoke ammonia storage and vaporisation system at Tyseley Energy Park below.